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    Just got the ES and Epi safe. Fine shipping/packing. Great guitars! Played both of them at a rehearsal today. Dont know which I prefer, thats the problem, but I must say, the Epi is something, but, as you mentioned, the ES is special. Thanks for the deal! - Bjarne


    Gibson ES-125 & Epiphone Century

    Just to say the guitar is even more perfect for me than I could have dreamed, it just fits my style of playing beautifully. Gets better and better as I play it, I think it has been travelling all these years just trying to find me...and ended up almost sat on my doorstep!

    Barry, Bucks, UK

    Martin Acoustic OM-28-VR

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  • The Gibson ES-175

    Gibson ES-175N 1956The Gibson ES-175 remains one of the company’s most popular guitars and guitar players from Jazz to Progressive Rock have long enthused about the instruments unique tones and playability.  Here at JGG we have seen a good few of these amazing guitars come through our doors over the years and they have all delighted both us and our customers.Gibson ES-175D 1965

    The ES-175 has especially been a favourite of the world’s most famous jazz guitarists and if players like Pat Metheny, Jim Hall, Joe Pass are anything to go by, then you know that these guitars are something special.

    The ES-175 was first introduced in 1949 by Gibson as a laminate top alternative to the L-5 and as an electric version of the L-4.

    It was also the first guitar made by the company to feature a Florentine cutaway allowing easier access to the upper frets. The number 175 was a reference to the original purchase price in dollars.

    Gibson ES-175N with BigsbyFrom Feb 1957 the ES-175 was made available with humbucking pickups and over the years the basic model has seen a number of modifications in both style and body size including the thin-bodied ES-175T model.

    Guitar players outside the jazz world have also embraced the ES-175 and these include Steve Howe of the group ‘Yes’ who had a signature model made by Gibson in 2002. The ES-175 is still produced by the Gibson company and remains one of their most popular models ever.

    Here at JGG we always keep a good stock of vintage ES-175s and please click on the photo links to see some of what we have currently in stock.

    We also take this opportunity to wish all our valued JGG customers a very Happy Xmas and New Year for 2016.


    Guitar Setups – getting your guitar in shape

    Guitar Setups and getting your guitar playing at it’s best

    Guitar setupsWe get asked a lot of questions here at JGG about guitar setups and whether a vintage guitar has a good action, decent frets and working electronics etc.

    All our guitars go through a complete professional setup before we put them on the site, and we always recommend that you keep your instruments in good shape by occasionally doing the same yourself.

    Vintage instruments are by their very nature a product of the period in which they were built and having a reliable (and experienced) guitar technician is essential to keep them in good working order.

    Some players like to work on their own guitars of course, but you need to have real expertise to do this and we would recommend that unless you are experienced in this way, finding a good reliable guitar tech is the way to go.

    So what can a good guitar tech achieve with your prized instrument? Well firstly you can get the guitar playing the way YOU want it to, if you have a tech who is willing to talk with you about your specific requirements. Before you do this, it’s worth thinking about what you want to achieve with the instrument.

    Do you want light,medium or heavy strings? Do you want a low or a medium action (string height above the frets) Are you mostly a chordal player for example or will you be soloing a lot? How hard do you hit the strings? All these factors can effect how a guitar is setup to suit your playing style

    Guitar SetupsWhat kind of music will you be playing is also worth considering, as for example slightly adjusting pickup heights can make a real difference in guitar tone and your perfect sound maybe be just a small adjustment away.

    Adjusting a truss rod correctly is also an important factor in getting a guitar playing well and this is definitely best left to an experienced technician. Even a quarter turn on a truss rod can dramatically effect it’s play-ability and if a neck is either too straight (no neck relief) or too curved (too much relief) then you could be in for serious playing issues.

    Have a look on the internet or in your local telephone directory for a nearby guitar tech. Alternatively ask around as to where all the other local players go with their instruments. You’ll be glad when you find a good tech and your guitar will certainly thank you too!