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    I'm really crazy about this Les Paul. All that history in our hands. It was a great moment to play her for the first time yesterday. Thanks so much. I looooooooove her :))

    Lyon, France

    Gibson Les Paul 1952

    I received the guitar 10:30am on the dot. Basically it was 30 hours from London to my house in Arizona. That is amazing. The guitar is a beauty. For 42 years old it is in great shape, it's just like the one I had as a kid. Don't worry I will not be selling this one like I did my original one. Thanks again for all the personal service, it was a pleasure doing business with you. PS Thanks again for all your help in getting me this guitar. I haven't stopped playing it, except to sleep, since I got it.

    Jim, Arizona, USA

    Gibson ES-125T

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  • Is it Original? Buying a Vintage Guitar Top FAQ

    Buying vintage guitar FAQ cover

    Vintage Guitar Buyer’s Guide – free!

    One of our great pleasures here at JGG is answering customer’s questions regarding vintage guitars.

    As we often get asked very similar questions on topics such as value, originality and how to really assess vintage guitars, we’ve decided to put together our very own vintage guitar buyers guide.

    We think it’s just what you might need in answering the most common queries and you can get it for free by contacting us with the form below.

    Answers to Top Questions when buying a vintage guitar

    • Is it original?
    • Playability vs originality
    • Checking the sound acoustically
    • Gibson, Guild, Gretsch, Epiphone or Fender?
    • How much?

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    How to Sell a Vintage Guitar

    On a good day, we are asked, at least once “would you be interested in buying my old guitar?”
    On a bad day we are asked several times.
    On a really bad day, they all turn out to be trades. From Africa.

    Yes, we do buy guitars from individuals

    We sell vintage guitars, and there’s a limited supply of them, so yes, we do buy them and we buy them from normal people just like you.
    Want to know how to improve your chance of getting us to buy a guitar from you? It’s not a secret, read on and I’ll tell you.

    The Best Way to sell a Vintage Guitar

    There’s one golden rule when it comes to selling your instrument to us: state your price.
    Be upfront and honest about the amount of money you would accept in return for your guitar. Don’t expect us to tell you because we don’t know YOUR price!

    Your guitar is worth as much as someone else is willing to pay and no more

    Remember, YOUR price is not the same as the retail price, the book price, the eBay price and none of these are likely to be the same as the price an actual buyer is willing to pay in cash money. As seller, your job is to get a price that’s high enough to satisfy you and low enough to secure that cash.

    Do your research (completed listings on eBay are a good place to start), make your mind-up if you want to sell at that price, and then send us:

    • Make, model, year and serial number if known.
    • Everything you know about condition and its history (just like on Antiques Roadshow).
    • Your price, leaving yourself some room to negotiate if you wish.
    • Where the guitar is located, so we can arrange to examine it.

    If we are able to consider buying it at your price, we will ask for photographs to get a better idea of condition, before making arrangements with you to see the instrument “in the flesh”.

    All offers are subject to a hands-on Inspection

    We will progress the deal as far as we can from your photographs and description via email, but the final decision is made by our buyer after a “hands-on” inspection. This is why the location of the guitar is relevant.

    If you are sending the guitar from abroad, then it is your responsibility to pack and deliver the guitar to us. If it’s not as described, we will not buy it, and you will have to pay the return shipping costs. This may sound harsh, but it’s fair.

    What do we buy?

    Our buying tastes are quite narrow, so don’t waste your time offering us anything that’s not on this list. We buy:

    • All vintage Gibson guitars from the 1950s and 60s.
    • Gibson jazz guitars or Gibson acoustic guitars from the 1970s or 80s.
    • Guild and Epiphone jazz guitars from 50s and 60s.

    We don’t actively buy anything other than these. If you see something else on our site, it’s because it came in as a trade, came from our private collection, or is such a Great Guitar we couldn’t resist it.

    Read about part exchanges and consignment sales.

    Buying and Selling Guitars on eBay

    We don’t buy guitars from people on eBay, no exceptions.
    If you intend listing your guitar on eBay, please don’t waste our time offering it to us.
    Conversely, if you do offer something to us, we expect you to honour your offer.

    Just Great Guitars shop on eBay

    We have a shop on eBay – we pay the monthly fees and consider it an advertising overhead – everything we list in the JustGreatGuitars eBay shop is available on our site at a much cheaper price.
    If you buy from us via eBay you are paying extra to cover eBay’s fees. Don’t even get us started on the cost and risks of PayPal!
    As if that weren’t discouragement enough, we do not offer a returns policy on eBay.
    If you read this after you bought from us via eBay, and are wondering if you can get a refund through eBay and re-purchase directly, the answer is “sorry, but no”.


    There is some good (impartial) advice about selling vintage (Gretsch) guitars here.

    Reverb is a specialised marketplace that is a bit like eBay but for guitar gear. Caution is needed here, as you would on eBay or Gumtree, and their reach is smaller, but Reverb.com’s Vintage Guitar FAQ guide has some useful info.