Vintage Guitars – Buyer’s Guide Here at JGG we are always looking for new or better ways to interact with our customers and as a result we’ve come up with a great plan. We are always being asked about what to look out for in a vintage guitar or whether this guitar or that is […]

Russ (owner of JGG is on assignment in France and here’s a quick blog post from him..) It’s “Bastille day” in France. A public holiday commemorating, not so much the regicide that began the French Revolution, but more the Fête de la Fédération; the beginning of the Republic. The bunting is out in the village, […]

Importing Vintage Guitars from the USA We buy the majority of our vintage guitars in the US, on dedicated buying trips. Gibson guitars were sold in the US domestic market with only a tiny minority few arriving in the UK since the 50s and 60s. So, we go to where the guitars are, importing them […]

Buying Vintage Guitars for Investment At the start of the 21st century, investing in vintage guitars became a viable alternative asset class in much the same way that fine wine, wrist watches and violins were. Like Rolex for watches and Rothschild for wines, Gibson and especially Golden Era Gibsons is the big name. Fuelled by […]

Part Exchanges with Vintage Guitars In the scenario where you really want one of our Great Guitars, and you want to use one of your ‘cast-offs’ to pay for it, then we may be able to help you through a part-exchange or vintage guitar trade. When we trade vintage guitars we are selling you one […]

Tremolo Arms – Love them or hate ’em, tremolo arms (or vibrato arms) are here to stay and are a feature of many different vintage guitars. For most players the two units that stand out above all the others are Paul Bigsby’s highly distinctive ‘vibrato tailpiece’ and Leo Fender’s famous ‘tremolo’ unit as seen on […]

JGG are proud to announce the arrival of yet more incredible vintage guitars, all of which are about to be added to our stock of the very best guitars in the UK. After a recent and highly successful trip to the USA, Russ (our resident vintage guitar guru and buyer at JGG) has returned with […]

New JGG Website – Here at Just Great Guitars HQ we’ve been working hard behind the scenes on a brand new website that is now live online. We are very excited about this and it has lots of new features for vintage guitar (and amp) fans! We have listened carefully to your suggestions on site […]

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