Vintage Gibson ES-125 TDC

Vintage Gibson ES-125 TDC 1966 (buyer’s private collection)

Cherry Sunburst 125-TDC mid sixties beauty

Oozing vintage mojo and sounding badder than George Thorogood, a great-playing and wicked-sounding mid sixties classic thinline Gibson with double P90 pick ups.

Original hard case too.

Price: £2,599.00
S/N: R212

Mid 60s Vintage Gibson ES-125 TDC thinline electric guitar

This ES-125 TDC is from the buyer’s private collection, it’s just so clean and lovely and the cherry sunburst finish brings joy to the eyes of the beholder. It’s a joy to play, bright and breezy acoustically, and those P90 p/ups chime like blues bells. The ‘firestripe’ tortoishell pickguard is another desirable feature.

It’s a transition-period guitar as Gibson were changing from nickel to chrome plating, even so, the trapeze tailpiece should not be as bright and shiny as that, so this is most likely to be a replacement. The ‘zebra striping’ on the back of the neck is where fine finish lines have appeared in the varnish but this wont deteriorate and is not noticeable when playing. A strap button has been removed from the upper bout, leaving a hole. Other than the trapeze it’s therefore all original.

The original Gibson Lifton hard case has the name of the band stenciled-on it (Jim Romine & the Lakers) and you can’t get any more rock’n’roll than that!

The TDC moniker is for thinline double pickup cutaway

The TDC model blurred the lines between student and professional. 125s were originally sold as student instruments, but the double pickup put the ES-125 TDC into a higher category altogether. In fact, the difference between the 125 and the much more expensive 330 of this era was purely cosmetic – neck binding and double cutaways for the 330 and bigger fret inlays for a while too.

Gibson ES-125 TDC Features

  • Single bound, single cutaway hollow-body guitar with f holes
  • Unbound mahogany neck
  • Rosewood fingerboard with perloid dot markers
  • Adjustable rosewood bridge
  • Trapeze tailpiece with raised parallelogram (replacement)
  • Double P90 pickups with black covers
  • Firestripe tortoisehell pickguard
  • Gold reflector volume and tone-cut controls
  • Kluson ‘3 on a plate’ deluxe tuners
  • Chrome and nickel-plated hardware
  • Original Gibson Lifton hard case

  • Like it, wanna play it?

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  • What people are saying

    Just a quick note to let you know how pleased I am with the guitar. I actually gigged it the day it arrived! I must say it's the best condition 125 I've come across.

    Jim, Leeds, UK

    Gibson ES-125 TC

    I'm really crazy about this Les Paul. All that history in our hands. It was a great moment to play her for the first time yesterday. Thanks so much. I looooooooove her :))

    Patrick, Lyon, France

    Gibson Les Paul 1952

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