Gallagher-G-70-300x225Alongside our vintage electric guitars, we always keep an eye out here at JGG for unique and rare acoustic instruments.

This Gallagher G70 is one such guitar and is truly in a class of it’s own. One of the finest acoustic guitars we’ve ever come across.

If the name isn’t familiar, we can reveal that Gallagher are the ‘secret custom shop’ for acoustic guitars and they even keep handwritten records of absolutely every customer and guitar they make. They have a long waiting list too, hence their guitars are highly sought after.

This beautiful handcrafted instrument is perfect for those seeking a versatile acoustic guitar that will give them a deep bottom end perfect for playing those open string bluegrass runs. It will also supply the bright yet clear high end so associated with the sound of rosewood instruments.DSC08688-225x300

The Gallagher G70 will suit both flat pickers and finger style guitarists in equal measure and we were stunned at the range of tones that could be produced by this guitar.

There is a richness and detail in chords and single notes on the G-70 that quite simply doesn’t exist on lesser quality guitars. It would be a dream guitar for studio recording as well as live performance.

As a side note, this guitar comes with a custom fitted Calton case made especially for guitarist John Lee (worth nearly £900)

The guitar is also factory fitted with a Fishman pickup. It doesn’t get much better than this in the acoustic guitar world.

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  1. Is this G-70 for sale ?

    • Sold Gary

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