Gibson Blueshawk – This amazing guitar was produced by the Gibson company for only a short while and has a number of unique  features that distinguish it from other Gibson guitars. The Blueshawk’s body outline is the same as a slightly earlier range of guitars produced by the company called the Nighthawks (1993-1999) however the Blueshawk is a semi-hollow bodied guitar with twin f-holes and a flat, uncarved top. It’s not unlike a Les Paul shape but much less weighty.

The back and sides of the guitar are made from poplar and the neck is mahogany with a rosewood fingerboard. The guitar also features a number of very interesting features, including the twin Blues 90 pickups visually resembling a P-90 pickup, but sonically more like a Fender pickup. The guitar also features a noise reduction circuit with a dummy coil. The Blueshawk also sports a Varitone circuit, which is a mid-cut filter with a choice of five frequencies.

If you want a great blues tone and also a light (it weighs in at around 6 ½ pounds) and versatile blues guitar, then this one just can’t be beaten. We engaged the assistance of our good friend and bluesman par excellence, Alex Eden to demonstrate just what this guitar can do in the right hands. We think you’ll agree that the sound is just about as authentic as you can get. damn right you’ve got the blues!




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