Gibson LG-1

Gibson LG-1 1964 Small body acoustic vintage guitar

What this LG-1 like to play?

It’s loud, especially for such a small thing. But, hey, it’s a it’s a small-bodied Gibson LG-1. The sound is raw, almost hollow, which just makes you want to play fingerpickin’ blues. The neck is quite a deep D shape so you can really get some strength behind your fretting hand and means you can throw moveable shapes up and down the neck that are powered by your mightiest plectrum strumming.


Price: £899.00
S/N: R447


A Gibson LG-1 flat-top acoustic from 1964

A real bargain for aficionados of small-bodied vintage Gibson acoustic guitars, this 1964 sunburst LG-1 is in ‘fair’ condition. There’s no shortage of dings and things and there are fine cracks in the finish on the back, sides and top. There are some gaps and cracks in the finish on the back of the neck between frets 2 and 4, and a piece of mahogany is missing from the corner of the headstock. Please see the pictures for all of these cosmetic details.

The tuners and buttons are original (nickel-plated Kluson Deluxe ‘3 on a plate’), the top is spruce, the back sides and neck are mahogany and all are sound with no repairs. Jumbo frets have little wear (its been nicely re-fretted) and perloid dot markers on the fretboard which is nice and flat. The binding is in good shape and the pickguard has probably been re-glued at some time. The hard case is non-original but it’s high quality and the bridge is modern and rosewood. Replacing the plastic bridge does not affect the vintage value of these guitars and its an accepted procedure. In this case, the original bridge was lifting so it had to be re-glued or replaced and we chose to upgrade.

Let’s agree that it’s got plenty of character and vintage vibe!

It’s the Elvis Presley Guitar

Think of the Elvis the movie star serenading or posing with his guitar and it’s a sunburst Gibson LG-1 he’s holding. If you want to see the actual publicity pictures then visit the Scotty Moore site. Scotty Moore was Presley’s guitarist in the band and played the ultra-fancy ES-295 model – same as a 175 but golden and with floral engraving!


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    I received the guitar 10:30am on the dot. Basically it was 30 hours from London to my house in Arizona. That is amazing. The guitar is a beauty. For 42 years old it is in great shape, it's just like the one I had as a kid. Don't worry I will not be selling this one like I did my original one. Thanks again for all the personal service, it was a pleasure doing business with you. PS Thanks again for all your help in getting me this guitar. I haven't stopped playing it, except to sleep, since I got it.

    Jim, Arizona, USA

    Gibson ES-125T

    I'm really crazy about this Les Paul. All that history in our hands. It was a great moment to play her for the first time yesterday. Thanks so much. I looooooooove her :))

    Patrick, Lyon, France

    Gibson Les Paul 1952

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