Peterson P100

Peterson P100 Guitar Amp

P100 Guitar Special Combo Amp in near mint condition. Mahogany case, EV speaker, 100 watts, two separate channels with full EQ on each

Price: £599.00
S/N: R322


Peterson P100 Twin Channel Guitar Amp

Nobody has come close to matching the quality of the Peterson P100 guitar amp. Made in England in the 1980s, the P100G is a 100 Watt twin channel guitar amp designed for professional use.

The beautiful mahogany case and EVM 10 Electro Voice speaker give this little gem plenty of oomph and headroom for jazz, rock and blues players alike.

The player’s controls are on the top and each channel has the same controls – no expense was spared when they designed these amps. Tone is controlled by a full EQ (none of the usual tone-cutting here) with four ranges: low, mid 1, mid 2 and high. Each channel has its own reverb, gain and master volume. Yes, it’s really 2 100W master volume amps with 4 EQs in one lovely mahogany cabinet.

Where the fun really starts though, is when you set one channel to high gain and low master volume to produce a welly-wanging heavy metal rock sound and the other to something more sober (great for jazz or Brit pop by the way) giving you instantly the range of sounds needed for most covers. The other neat trick is to flick the split / link switch to produce a lightly distorted middle tone. Joyful, uncomplicated gig and studio friendly amplification.

A quick glance at the back panel shows this is a recording studio technicians’ dream, having a rear-facing level control, pre/post balance switch and dedicated jacks for DI, master send/return and channel 1 send/return.

This example is in mint condition and comes complete with original cover. Sadly, the footswith shown in the pictures is now missing. Although it’s quite easy to make a replacement (like we did in the past for one of these amps).

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    Just to say the guitar is even more perfect for me than I could have dreamed, it just fits my style of playing beautifully. Gets better and better as I play it, I think it has been travelling all these years just trying to find me...and ended up almost sat on my doorstep!

    Barry, Bucks, UK

    Martin Acoustic OM-28-VR

    The guitar arrived safely this absolute beauty. It has that lovely matured and well played look and feel to it. I have nothing that plays and sounds quite like this one. The sound just seems to flow effortlessly. A real pleasure to play. Lovely.


    Gibson ES-355 1972

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