Gibson Trini Lopez

Gibson Trini Lopez

60’s Latin pop star Trini Lopez was at the height of his popularity in the early part of that decade and this brought him to the attention of Gibson guitars who released their ‘Trini Lopez Signature Model’ in 1964.

In recent years, the guitar has found new favour with artists such as Dave Grohl of The Foo Fighters (who has a signature Gibson Custom Shop model of his own modelled after the Trini Lopez) and Noel Gallagher of Oasis who used a TL fitted with a Bigsby Vibrato. Exactly like the one we have here at JGG.

The original Gibson Trini Lopez was a full depth hollow body electric guitar with some unique cosmetic features including a double cutaway body, pointed horns and diamond shaped f-holes and pick guard. It also had a trapeze tailpiece and a sunburst finish.

The neck was similar to the “reverse” style Gibson Firebird with split diamond inlays and with all 6 tuners in line on the lower edge of the headstock. The later version of the Trini Lopez (the model actually played by Lopez) was only produced for a very short period of time and is extremely rare. The original guitar also had ‘patent number’ humbucking pickups – an earlier incarnation of the legendary PAF pickups.

If you remember Trini playing one, or have simply come to seek out one of the highly distinctive guitars that you’ve seen Noel Gallagher. or Dave Grohl playing, then do get in touch and who knows you could be playing one yourself very soon!

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